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Yellow Topaz. 
Dimensions: 64 x 50 x 17 mm. 
Weight: 73 gr.

Portrait of Kim Dae-jung, President of South Korea.

Victor Petrik was invited to South Korea to attend a meeting with scientists from the Seoul National University.


The meeting was held by a well-known Korean entrepreneur Li Tal Wu, President of Corea Cortell. During the meeting, a memorandum was signed to establish a joint enterprise with Corea Cortell to produce new materials based on Petrik’s scientific achievements.


Earlier, Mr. Lee Woo Tal personally visited the laboratory VI Petrick and acquainted with his work on precious stones and wished to commission a portrait Korean President

Due to the death of Li Tal Wu, Petrik’s South Korea projects have been halted.


Victor Petrik at the Seoul University.


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