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Soli Art launches a new art trend of highly artistic, sculptural portraits made on precious stones!


Soli Art is a group of companies which was established on August 9, 2013 when a group of international investors joined their efforts to sell unique works of art, each being a synthesis of high art, science, technology, and jeweler’s art.

The unique techniques used by Soli Art allow us to create sculptural portraits on gemstones of any hardness. It is the company’s know-how.



Soli Art has a unique art collection which has been built for 25 years to become a part of humanity’s cultural and historical heritage.


Currently, the collection consists of 83 portraits of prominent figures, including politicians, actors, military leaders of the past and present. All portraits are made on gemstones and adorned with jewels by the world’s leading jewelers.



Soli Art of today is a young, dynamic company. A 100% private company, it partners with the world’s leading jewelry companies, such as Cartier, Boucheron, and Van Der Bauwede, to create a perfect product which mingles art, high technology and fashion.




About the Master.


Victor Petrik is a professional graphic artist. He has studied sculpture at the studio of famous miniature sculptor Yury Linnik for five years.


Petrik’s personal achievement in sculpture is his ability to represent monumentality and majesty – features inherent in large-format works – in small forms. His detail-focused approach allows him to not only achieve striking resemblance, but also reflect the personality, the immediate mood of the individual.


Victor Petrik is a scientist, academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Doctor of Engineering, psychologist, author of four scientific discoveries certified by the International Association of Authors of Scientific Discoveries. Petrik is an author of two scientific monographs, including “Monocrystals and Ceramics. Spinel.” Petrik focused on solid-state physics, particularly synthesis of ultra-hard materials, monocrystals and ceramics. He was the first to synthesize transparent polycrystalline spinel.


Petrik first saw the famous Shah Diamond in Moscow’s Diamond Fund 25 years ago. What techniques did the ancient masters use to inscribe so perfectly straight lines and angles on the hardest natural material in the world?



Master has been developing his own, secret hard stone processing technique for several years to create 3D images on precious stones of any hardness, including diamonds.



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