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Portrait of 41 U.S. President George Herbert Walker Bush.

Executed on a dark blue sapphire 
Product weight 120 gr. 
Stone weight 80 gr.
Technologies Faberge guilloche silver, enamel. 
Gold, diamonds.

In 2009, the Master received a formal invitation to the celebration of the birthday of George W. Bush. It was then that the idea of ​​creating a portrait. Master has set a goal - to convey the inner world of the hero, the man who at age 17 became the youngest volunteer military pilot of the U.S. Navy, went through the war, at age 40 became a millionaire, and in politics has gone from a Congressman, diplomat, CIA director and finally in 1988 was elected president of the United States of America. 

Over the entire period was three portraits in wax. However, despite the complete photographic resemblance Master realized that he can not display the most important thing.

1984 wax. Size 80x40 mm.

Sapphire blue, 40 carats. Product size 80x40 mm.

And only after he personally saw J. Bush, he was able to complete the work to convey the image of the hero, a man of great inner strength, the will, commitment and integrity of character. It was such an indelible mark remained in Masstra after personal communication with this legendary figure. 

This is one of the best works of the Master, his pride. 

Bush loves this job, she reminds him of his life filled with love, his battles and victories. In gratitude, Bush instructed his razmiestit joint Master with photos in the National Archives.

Bush was assigned to work in the personal property in 2009.

Family of U.S. President congratulated Master Happy Birthday.

Masters invitation Birthday 41 U.S. President George Bush.


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