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 11th and current President of the European Commission Jose Manuel  Barroso.


Oriental (blue) sapphire.

Dimensions: 80.62 x 90.45 mm
Weight: 377.2 g


At the beginning of 2013 a European scientific delegation arrived in St. Petersburg to the laboratory of V. Petrick to get acquainted with his discoveries and inventions. These were the best European scientist in their respective fields:


  • Michael Gratzel, Switzerland;

  • Bernhard Krautler, Austria;

  • Gabriele Centi, Germany;

  • Antonio Bianconi, Italy;

  • Paul Lecog, France;

  • Yanusz Lewinski.


The delegation has worked in the laboratories three full days and concluded that the discoveries and technologies of V. Petrik could have a huge influence on the European industry.


In conclusion, V. Petrik introduced the scientists to the collection of his works on precious stones.


The delegation was accompanied by an auditor Lucca Mazzotti and a representative from the Association of industrialists of Italy Paolo Pizzichemi, who expressed their desire to commission a portrait of the EU President Barroso on a precious stone.


Soon the Master received a formal confirmation of the order by e-mail.


The work was handed over to the customer on November 27 of 2013



Dimensions 80.62 x 90.45 mm.

Weight 377.2 gr.

Besides the portrait on blue sapphire the Master also created a similar portrait of Barroso on a cut white sapphire. This portrait will become a part of the collection owned by Soli Art.


During the entire work on the portrait, the Master has created several portrait sketches of Jose Barroso in metal and plastic materials, before he found the most suitable sculptural solution for the portrait that would reflect the , reflecting the psychology and dynamics of a major political figure of our time.




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