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Count Matvei Ivanovich Platov, Ataman of the great Don Cossacks, Cavalry General.


The portrait was done in yellow topaz. Faberge techniques: hot enamel on guilloche silver, gold, diamonds.
Dimensions: 132 x 100 x 18 mm.


Victor Petrik comes from generations of Cossacks. He holds the rank of the General of the Cossack troops and was awarded commemorative medals and orders.


In 1692 a runaway military clerk Petrik excited Cossacks by offering them to change a social order established in Little Russia at that time. Four years were spent in unsuccessful campaigns of Cossacks and Crimeans against hetmanship.


In a mysterious way the talent for calligraphy was inherited – the father of the Master, I. Petrick began his military service as a regimental clerk. He was taken prisoner three times, and escaped three times.


According to the laws of that time a soldier who returned from captivity was assigned to a penal company, which was essentially a one way ticket. Ivan Iosifovich Petrik is still alive today, and he was awarded many orders and medals of the World War II.


The portrait of the Great Ataman Matvei Platov was created by the Mater in honor of his famous Cossack ancestor.


Dimensions: 52 x 39 mm.

Weight: 36g.




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