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Mohandas Karamchand Mahatma «Mahatma» Gandhi. Indian philosopher

Yellow topaz, Rauch topaz.
Gold, diamonds.
Product size: 155 x 80 x 109 mm.
Product Weight: 542.5 gr.

Throughout his youth, Master vibrantly studied ancient philosophy and culture of India: Bhakti Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Karma Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Laya Yoga, Raja Yoga ... On his initiative and under his leadership has been translated 98 volumes of ancient philosophical treatises of Hindi and Sanskrit, which are still the pride of his library . He learned to perform the ancient Indian sitar music - raga , met with great Ravi Shankar . And now , sat 40 years , Ravi Shankar personally pulled strings to send him a gift sitar ....

In 2004 V.Petrik received an official invitation from the Government of India - Share of scientific ideas, their knowledge. He was invited personally head the Department of Science and Technology Prof. India. VS Ramamurthy.


In the circle of employees of the Ministry of Science and tehnlogoly India.

All my love and admiration for the people and the country has reached the highest spiritual development master expressed in the way of a great hero of India Mahatma Gandhi. In this portrait of the Master was able to convey the indomitable spirit of the little man, his obedience and relentlessness ... this is one of the best works of the master, his masterpiece and pride.

Prof. VS Ramamurthy, prof. VI Petrik.

Topaz. Stone sizes: 67 x 56 x 21 mm. Stone weight 105 gr.


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